Coveted throughout the centuries by kings and sultans of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, the Anatolian mountains hold a secret gemologists believe has been kept for over millions of years. A precious gemstone so exceptional, it has been identified as a previously unknown variety of diaspore. Only found in one place in the world, CSARITE® quality gemstones are meticulously excavated at a height of more than 3,000 feet in the remote foothills of the Anatolian mountains in Turkey. Milenyum Mining Limited is proud to be the world's only mining source supply of the Turkish gemstone, CSARITE®.

10,000 times more rare than a diamond.
100% natural • It has the ability to change colour • Single mine in the world
Ethically mined with environmentally safe techniques • Completely traceable from mine to market


CSARITE®, a quality-assured brand of a natural gemstone internationally acclaimed by gem connoisseurs, is mined by Milenyum Mining Ltd directly from its host rock at the world’s only gem quality color change diaspore deposit, high in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains. Our company is a leader in the ethical mining arena and incorporates environmentally safe procedures that protect water sources from chemicals, debris, rubbish, silt and biological pollutants; minimize the destruction of flora and fauna, and restore mined land as close as possible to its original condition. Milenyum Mining Ltd strongly opposes unfair labor practices and believes all employers should provide safe working environments, particularly in the mining industry. The CSARITE® mine adheres to the “Principles for Responsible ASM”, as published by the Alliance for Responsible Mining, and insures every one of its employees works in safe working conditions which are subject to regular government and environmental inspection.


CSARITE® products test the skills of even the most highly experienced lapidaries due to its exceptionally low yield of less than 3 percent, its tendency to cleave, or split apart in a single direction, and the necessity to cut along a specific crystal orientation to maximize color change. To ensure quality, transparency and supply chain integrity, all the rough production is cut and polished by Milenyum Mining and managed by master cutter Rudi Wobito. Most CSARITE® rough yields the popular jewellery sizes of 1-3 carat gemstones, with sizes exceeding 5 carats exceptionally rare. A variety of classic and specialty cuts are available in individual and calibrated stones to fulfill the demand from gem and jewelry collectors, designers and large jewellery manufacturers.


Because CSARITE® is a unique high-quality grade of a single source gemstone and yields from rough are so low, Milenyum Mining is constantly working to increase the mine capacity and calibrated gem output. We bring gemstones to the market in conjunction with distribution partners that have long term agreements in place in a transparent way so purchasers of CSARITE® can have instant peace of mind.