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Dubai, UAE, January 27, 2014


Milenyum Mining Limited Names The Courtney Collection® as First Authorized Distributor of CSARITE® in the U.S.

Milenyum Mining Limited (MML) is excited to announce that The Courtney Collection®, a new division of Erica Courtney, Inc., is the first authorized distributor of CSARITE® in the United States. A rare and unique gemstone, Csarite is the trade name for the finest of Turkish color change diaspore. Ethically sourced and responsibly mined at its sole known source deep in the mountains of the Anatolia region of Turkey, Csarite has quickly become a favorite gemstone of luxury jewelry designers the world over.

“Erica Courtney was one of the first designers to work with Csarite, as she recognizes that its soft hues and unique color change property make it a perfect match for her feminine designs,” states Murat Akgun, president of Milenyum Mining Limited. “We are thrilled that Erica will be distributing this precious gemstone through her new loose colored gemstone company, The Courtney Collection.”

The Courtney Collection will be exhibiting at the GJX Gem & Jewelry Show at booth #2206, and the AGTA GemFair at booth #1606, in Tucson, AZ, February 4-9.

MML is the world’s only actively-mining source supply of Turkish diaspore, a natural, unenhanced colored gemstone. Responsible for cutting and marketing of this phenomenal gemstone, MML’s mission is to introduce gem and jewelry connoisseurs around the globe to Turkish diaspore’s unique beauty and rarity. MML is a member of The International Colored Gemstone Association.

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